Color. Done. Right.

About Mesa Construction Colorants

Mesa Construction Colorants have been successfully used in the marketplace since 2004. Now part of Avient Corporation, Mesa Construction Colorants comprise a full range of cementitious products that incorporate the latest technologies for landscape and building applications.

Focused on delivering amazing colors and finishes, we provide colorants that stand the test of time for consistency and performance. We take pride in designing our formulas with the goal of providing the highest color accuracy possible and ensuring batch-to-batch uniformity.

We are committed to providing the custom solution you need, when and where you need it. Our range of colorant and additive technologies for concrete and cement surfaces include:

  • Pool Colorants
  • Metallic Flooring Colorants
  • Stucco Colorants
  • Stain Colorants
  • Grout & Mortar Colorants
  • Pool Deck Colorants
  • And more!

Let us help you navigate your project, from design through installation, and youll see what it means to have Color. Done. Right.


Let us help you realize the possibilities

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